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Tell us a little bit about Tiny Heirloom and how it all started. Three years ago, Tyson, our CEO and his brother in law, Jason, COO, decided to start building tiny homes on a very small scale. About halfway through building one, they decided to make it into an actual business. From there, they began customizing the features to be more luxury based and create the feel of a real home in each one they created. Jason’s brother and now CFO, Zach, soon joined the team and all of their wives started contributing as to make this a family operation. As of last week, I joined the team, as Chief Administrative Officer, and we have a few other guys on the team as builders. We are all friends and have been for sometime and so this business is a fun way for us to live life together and grow something from the ground up.

Tiny Heirloom / tiny house Tiny Heirloom / tiny house Tiny Heirloom / tiny house Tiny Heirloom / tiny house Tiny Heirloom / tiny house

What makes your homes different?​​ Our homes are unique in the fact that we are creating luxury homes, not just tiny homes. We felt like we wanted to create a space that allowed people to minimize but still helped them feel like they were at home. Also, we feel like the heart behind our company is really important. We value caring for our clients and our homes as if they were family. So, we care for our clients by flying them out to see their homes, taking them to dinner and adding personal touches like anniversary care packages.

Where does your inspiration come from when working on a Tiny Heirloom home? For each of the houses, a lot of the inspiration comes from the wives of our builders. They would take ideas to them and get a lot of insight from their wives in which way to go. For our business, it comes from a desire to revolution the ‘American dream’. The mission of the company is to bring a high quality home but not in an excessive way. To provide comfort and the warmth of a home, while still living minimally.

Tiny Heirloom / tiny house Tiny Heirloom / tiny house Tiny Heirloom / tiny house Tiny Heirloom / tiny house Tiny Heirloom / tiny house

Tell us about some of your biggest achievements and challenges. Biggest achievement would be the large amount of attention and affirmation we have gotten after only launched four months ago. This company started out of a fun, family project and has resulted in greater response than we could have imagined. Our challenges would include being on the forefront of a new hero of home building. It is difficult working with banks and insurance. There isn’t a formula or particular ‘way’ to go about this, so it has been challenging figuring out which avenues to go down to support our clients the best we can.

How long does the whole process take from start to finish?​ The process takes about 4 months, sometimes shorter.

Tiny Heirloom / tiny house Tiny Heirloom / tiny house

Is there a custom base package + what does it include?​ Our base price at Heirloom consists of an 18’ unit that is over 8’ wide with solar, top-of-the-line appliances, home automation, and all of the finishes of a luxury custom home. During design, we create a unique floor plan based on your desires and needs accompanied by a 3D model to help give you that relative perspective of your future living space! We also will ship your unit to you anywhere in the Continental US for free! Also included is a trip to Portland to meet the Heirloom team, see your unit in production, eat at local restaurants and stay a few nights in a tiny home. After the delivery we send out custom gift baskets based on your interests and what’s local to Oregon! All this for only $65,000.

Tiny Heirloom / tiny house Tiny Heirloom / tiny house Tiny Heirloom / tiny house