Freelance Insights: Jamie Starcevich

For today’s Freelance Insights we have my friend, Jamie, of Spruce Rd. She is wildly talented and her blog is chalk full of helpful tips + tricks for designers. A few months ago, after I made my way through blog (I read it all from start to finish, yes – really) I decided to send her a little tweet and the rest is history. I asked Jamie to share some of her insights on freelancing. Below she talks about the value of following your vision and waiting for the types of clients that will help mold your business into what you want it to be. The right types of clients can really help set the tone for your creative journey as a freelancer, which is advice that I am learning to take myself…

“I recently opened up my design studio, Spruce Rd., full-time just a couple short months ago. While I have truly enjoyed work (probably for the first time in my career!), it doesn’t come without its struggles. For anyone who is just starting their design studio, I would say the biggest lesson I have learned is to be patient.

Patient in the types of clients + projects you take on. I have had to say “no” to a few potential clients, as I knew they weren’t in line the vision behind my studio. This was not an easy decision… especially when I JUST started my business! I think it is important to have a clear vision + intention behind your business, so you can dictate the direction you go, rather than allow others to passively influence you. If you want to attract creative entrepreneurs, don’t design a logo for your dad’s friend who owns a landscaping business. You will most likely be frustrated throughout the project, as it is not the type of project you enjoy working on!

I definitely don’t have it all figured out, especially after just a couple of months, but patience has been the biggest lesson I have learned so far! It has paid off so far as I have started attracting my ideal clients + projects, which I am absolutely thrilled about!”