Freelance Insights: Ciera Holzenthal

I first stumbled upon Ciera’s blog way back when I just started pinning on Pinterest and right away I was drawn in to her blog which showcased everything from design, business tips, fonts + freebies, and diy’s amongst other things. Right before I launched this column, I came up with a list of inspiring creatives I wanted to be apart and I knew Ciera was one of the ladies I wanted to feature! If you are new to my blog, Freelance Insights offers up advice, short stories, tips and tricks from fellow designers and bloggers. Today, Ciera Holtenthal of Ciera Design Studio talks about working from home and the value of making plans outside “the office”.

“I’m getting really honest with y’all today. When freelancing and working from home (especially when it’s cold out) it’s so easy for me to get wrapped up in work, social media, blogging, emails, laundry and dishes and before I know it, the day has passed, I haven’t exercised or even left the house, and sometimes I’m still in my pajamas. Does this happen to anyone else? I hope so, or this is really embarrassing! I have to actively make myself get out of the house sometimes. Here is what works for me: schedule in-person meetings, rather than phone calls, work from a coffee shop, schedule lunch dates, join a gym or class (if I’m paying for something, I feel more obligated to go), attend (or in my case host) meet ups and/or conferences. What do you do to get out of the house?”