Q+A: Vivienne Mok / fashion photographer

Talk about your photography style. I would describe my style as feminine, dreamy, timeless and personal.

Describe a typical day. I have been traveling quite a bit lately, so there hasn’t really been a “typical day” recently. A “typical week” would include things like: preparing/installing sets for shoots or location scouting, choosing/confirming models, requesting/picking-up/returning clothes for styling (or sometimes stitching some pieces myself for specific projects), meetings, lots of e-mails and lots of hours in front of my screen editing or retouching etc.

Vivienne Mok / work Vivienne Mok / work

Tell us about some of your achievements and challenges as a photographer + creative. A couple years back, I would never have imagined becoming a self-taught freelance photographer one day, living the life I’m living today. Looking back at this in itself is an achievement. When I was in school, I studied Fashion Design. After that I worked as a designer in a Parisian fashion house for a couple of years. It’s only during that time, that my interest in photography started to grow and eventually and naturally I decided to pursue that path. It is so rewarding to be able to do what you love (and I am really grateful for this) and meet great people that have similar beliefs as you do. I have learned a lot these couple years, and grown as a person. Of course, there are always challenges being a freelance photographer such as time-management, keeping yourself motivated when you feel stuck, finding a good balance, being clear about your priorities, etc, but these challenges will be there in life anyway.

Talk about one of your favorite shoots to date. It’s hard to answer this question as I have different favorite shoots for different reasons.

Vivienne Mok / work

What types of projects do you enjoy the most? I would say personal projects, as I have no restrictions.

Where do you find your inspiration? Faces, I find them fascinating, and also things from my daily environment, beautiful moody landscapes, moody movies, pretty old things that have a story to tell, nature and natural light. Also I feel that traveling always brings new ideas to mind.

Vivienne Mok / work Vivienne Mok / work

When it comes to the creative world, where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years? I think that I cannot know what will happen in 5-10 years…! As long as I keep learning and evolving that’s good. I also hope to be able to meet and work with more people who want to do something with social impact and sustainable for our future.

Lastly, any life advice? I would say, “stay true to yourself” and be patient because “there is time and place for everything”.