Creative Q+A: Jessie Farris / graphic designer

Describe your design style. My style is constantly evolving. I recently forced myself to do a little re-branding of my personal site. Although it was a painful process, I did learn more about my personal design style. I strive to straddle the line between simple, bold, and efficient. When it comes to typography and color I am definitely in my element. At my day job I am designing mobile apps but my nights are filled with freelance. I love being able to have the flexibly to work on personal projects along with my day job. I really love being able to balance out my work.

What does your typical day consist of? My typical day of consists of a run followed by black coffee and scrambled eggs. If I can accomplish all of that in the morning then I know I’m going to have a productive day. I then spend the remainder of the day collaborating with the talented designers and developers over at IBM. I work with so many great people. They inspire me daily. I usually end my day at a coffee shop working on freelance or stuffing my face with all the great food that Austin has to offer, namely fish tacos.

Jessie Farris / office space Jessie Farris / home

What are you currently working on? I’m currently working on several branding projects. One for a construction company, which I’m having a lot of fun with. The other is for an energy consulting company. Both of these brands are pushing me out of my element, which is a welcome change. At work, I am designing an app that helps to bridge the gap between remote collaboration and whiteboard brainstorming. As you can see, I get to work on all sorts of fun projects.

Tell us about some of your achievements and challenges as a creative. This is a tough question. It’s hard to go back in time and decipher your achievements and re-live challenges. I don’t know if this is considered an achievement but one of the things I love about being a creative is all of the cool and interesting people I encounter on a daily basis in real life and on the internet. The creative community is pretty welcoming for the most part. I love stumbling on various blogs and getting to know some great people via twitter and instagram.

As for challenges, I think finding your voice and understanding your own personal style is a challenge. It’s easy to get sucked into design trends. Being able to know who you are and respect your personal style is difficult. I also think finding a balance in life as a creative is challenging. It’s so easy to get sucked into your work 24/7. Too much of one this isn’t good for anyone. I think that’s why I love running so much. It creates such a great outlet when I need a break from work.

Jessie Farris Jessie Farris

Is there a designer/artist/photographer/blogger that you look up to and why? I definitely look up to Bethany Heck. She is an amazing designer and I learn so much from her on a daily basis. Her work is out of this world. Check out her website and see for yourself. It is pure internet candy.

What is one of the most enjoyable projects you have gotten a chance to work on? At my pervious job I was able to work on a really fun infographic for Ironman. As an avid runner, I really felt in my element making that infographic. Also, I recently enjoyed my time collaborating with TMBR on a project for the 2015 Jackson Hole Wine Auction.

As a designer, what inspires you? Living in Austin, TX I feel like there is inspiration on every corner. I have met so many great designers/makers and am able to explore so many cool spots. But honestly, I find a lot of inspiration in running and the outdoors. I’m an avid Pinterest addict so I would be remiss for leaving that out.

Jessie Farris Jessie Farris / quote

Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years? Oofta, this is the hardest questions of them all. If someone where to ask me this question 5-10 years ago there would be absolutely no way I would say working for IBM and living in Austin, Texas. So in the next 5-10 years I hope to see myself happy and healthy above all. Otherwise, I hope to be loving a small family of my own or wholeheartedly loving my career.

Lastly, any advice? The biggest piece of advice I can give is to be yourself. You will never regret staying true to who you are. It can be difficult in many circumstances but in the long run I seem to always be happier when I go with my gut. Stay true to yourself.