Q+A: Ashley Weiler / freelance stylist

Describe your style. What I love about fashion is that you have so much freedom to experiment with styles and trends. My closet consists of a lot of black and navy, patterns, sweaters, textures and vintage pieces. I like to have fun with fashion by wearing things that might not make complete sense, but work.

Share a little bit of insight into what or who inspires you when it comes to fashion styling. I’m in a constant state of inspiration, so I try to channel the things I experience into something creative, like fashion styling. I’m currently immersed in the beautiful, diverse culture that is Los Angeles, which has made such an impact on my creativity. The fashion, art galleries, coffee shops, people, and nature (it’s here, promise) have been so crucial to this! I often find myself drawing from these sources when it comes to styling.

Ashley Weiler

What was it like interning at Darling Magazine + what were some of your main responsibilities? Interning at Darling Magazine was just the most delightful experience! I was surrounded by women who had so much passion, value and purpose within their work and lives, which was such a beautiful thing to see in an industry that sometimes lacks those qualities. I was the Style Intern, which allowed me to work closely with Darling’s fashion editor, assisting on photoshoots and pulling/returning garments to showrooms. I learned so much about fashion styling, leadership and, of course, the art of being a woman.

Now, as a freelance stylist, what does a typical day look like for you? I’m fresh to the world of freelance, but it has been good to me thus far. I mostly have been working as a stylist’s assistant, which has been a wonderful learning experience. My day usually begins with an iced coffee and sending/responding to emails. I then jump right into driving to showrooms and shops to pull looks for upcoming events/shoots. Everyday is different, which I absolutely adore.

Ashley Weiler

Talk about one of your most treasured projects. I recently worked on a fashion film with a couple of friends for their fashion brand, VENIA. I was so grateful to be a part of moment that breathed such life into their amazing designs and mission.

Are there any tips or suggestions you may have for someone interested in entering the realm of fashion? It’s so easy to get caught up in the negative qualities that are associates with fashion: negative comparisons, rejection, hostility, etc. My suggestion is to avoid those avenues and try to be that rare, genuine, positive light in an industry that needs it so. Look for the beauty in those complex situations and be confident in who you are as a creative.

Is there an artist/designer/photographer/blogger that you look up to and why? So, so many! I think I’ll stick with a classic on this one. I will forever admire Irving Penn. Regardless of what he was shooting, his intention was always to capture beauty and I so admire that.

Ashley Weiler

Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years? My only serious goal for the future is to travel the world with my guy. I really don’t care where I’m working, as long as it’s with great people and if it financially allows me drink a lot of six-dollar lattes.

Lastly, any life advice? Never, ever stop absorbing information. The more you learn, the more you grow and that’s a beautiful thing.