Field of Wildflowers

field of wildflowers photoshoot / holly marie designs field of wildflowers photoshoot / holly marie designs field of wildflowers photoshoot / holly marie designs field of wildflowers photoshoot / holly marie designs field of wildflowers photoshoot / holly marie designs field of wildflowers photoshoot / holly marie designs field of wildflowers photoshoot / holly marie designs field of wildflowers photoshoot / holly marie designs

I recently teamed up with a dear friend and past client of mine, Kirsty Gungor, of the blog Lovelies in my Life for a little evening photoshoot. This lovely field of wildflowers was perfectly lit with sunny rays and fit the dreamy near-dusk mood I was looking for. I always enjoy spending time with Kirsty because she has such an eye for all things creative – photography, DIY projects, decorating, and fashion; she is one amazing lady! Currently I am in the process of putting together an updated lookbook + investment guide for her and her business, but, in the meantime, if you’d like to take a peek at some of her other work, you can see it here. Enjoy!

Summer Spirit

DSC_5656 DSC_5660 DSC_5715 DSC_5705 wilderness flower crown shoot / holly marie designs DSC_5809 combo wilderness flower crown shoot / holly marie designs

In the spirit of summer, I am so excited to share with all of you one of the recent photoshoots I did with a dear friend + local photographer! This wonderful wooded creek served as the backdrop of our shoot, and although it bit buggy, the lush greenery and sound of the flowing water lovely. I commissioned one of my friends to create this flower crown for me and thought it would pair well with the natural and sweet Free People vibe we were going for.

Creative Q+A: The Ladies of Treasures & Travels

Q+A: The Ladies of Treasures & Travels

What is Treasures + Travels? Treasures & Travels is a lifestyle blog by three girls Tegan, Bethany and Lindsay. We fill it with things that we love including recipes, fashion, DIY, and anything that inspires us! We love working with local businesses and other like-minded artists in the community.

Describe a typical day in the life of a Treasures & Travels girl. On days that we work, we are in our studio which happens to be in the small town of White Rock. It is a little cozy cabin that we turned into our studio and we just love spending time in there. Our working days are filled with editing, emails and photo shoots. On days that we have off, Bethany spends her days caring for her darling baby, Poppy. Tegan and I work part time jobs at a coffee shop and live in apartments in the city. We all share a love for good music, laying in the sun, an afternoon drive to our favorite donut shop, and spending quality time with our friends and family.

Talk about one of your favorite DIY projects to date. We recently did an IKEA hack, where we bought a chair from Ikea and covered it in a sheepskin cloth. It was such an easy project and completely changed the look of the chair!

treasures & travels / studio

Is there an artist/designer/photographer/blogger that you look up to and why? We absolutely love Bleubird, Design Love Fest, and Taza. Those are just a few of our favorite bloggers that we constantly follow. They are all inspiring in their own unique ways, and don’t try to be anyone but themselves. They are fun, inspiring, and colorful people.

What inspires you? Seeing people genuinely doing what they love. When you see someone who is passionate about what they do and it comes from the heart, it is very evident and also infectious. It inspires me to constantly do what I love, and search for new things that bring happiness! If you are happy, it shows, and chances are it will pour onto those around you.

the ladies of treasures & travels

When it comes to the creative world, where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years? We definitely see ourselves blogging full time! Right now we have half the week set aside for blogging, but we would love for it to be our full time job. Dream big!

Name 5 things in your closet you cannot live without. Jean dress overalls, high wasted black jeans, classic white tee, leather jacket, & colorful socks (they make me happy!)

Lastly, any life advice? Do what YOU love, and what makes you happy. Don’t compare yourself to other people – comparison is the thief of joy. Find the things that bring you joy and strive to make those things an everyday part of your life.

blog / youtube / instagram

Wishlist 13: Staying Classy

wishlist 13: staying classy

Just last week I wrote a post on evolving my personal style and touched on the thought of purchasing more neutrals and investing in some solid staples. I created a little wishlist of items that fall into both categories and also have a little mix of everything. And I don’t know about you, but this spring has been quite rough on my eyes with allergies and all, so I have been really trying to limit the amount of time that I wear my contacts. With that being said I’ve been a little obsessed with glasses and have been looking to purchase a pair or two that I feel confident in to wear during the day. Do you have any suggestions of where I can purchase some awesome, yet edgy, frames? I know of a few if you’re interested: this one + this one.

shirt / glasses / tote / booties

What I Wore: Neutrals + Floral

what I wore: neutrals + floral what I wore: neutrals + floral what I wore: neutrals + floral what I wore: neutrals + floral

Spring here in the midwest has been a bit up and down. One day it will be full-fledged dress weather, and others, time to break out the jackets and layers. Today was one of those dreary days but luckily I was able to keep my jacket tucked away (hopefully for good!) and was able to dress in light layers. As you can see, I took a little trip to PacSun (one of my favorite stores as of late) and picked up a few pieces that were on sale. Lately I have been really loving their lived-in, carefree items, so I have been visiting their shop a bit more often than usual.

( Sweater, Top, and Necklace: PacSun, Jeans: American Eagle, Flats: Target )

Inspired By / Etsy

inspired by / etsy

I found a few gems sitting in my Etsy shopping cart when I was clicking my way through the inspiring online store. Goodness, there are so many talented people out there, Etsy certainly has become one of my absolute favorite places to make new discoveries! My picks all fall into the home or fashion accessory category and are a tad bit fun + quirky. First off, I chose a few gold adorned items for my office space (which one day will large, spacious, and wonderful) but for now, a girl can dream (and do lots of planning)! As for the two accessories I picked out, these really reflect the earthy and somewhat boho vibe I have been loving lately. And for my most random of the bunch, this little guy is adorable – a custom, handcrafted phone case from Germany. I hope you enjoyed my picks and feel free to see the items I chose more in-depthly via the links below.

On a more festive side note, I have written a Valentine’s Day inspired post for the lovely Maru over at Fashiony Fab. So if you are looking for an idea of what to wear in celebration of Valentine’s Day, feel free to take a look at the post here.

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What I Wore: Wintery Flannel

wintery flannel wintery flannel wintery flannel wintery flannel wintery flannel

After experiencing a warm weekend, we got hit with quite the blustery last few days. When times like these come I enjoy sitting in the comfort of my warm home watching the snow globe that is my just outside my window. ( Afghans and hot cocoa please! ) This winter I purchased two flannel shirts that have become quick favorites of mine and today’s look makes me feel like lady lumberjack! The snow added the perfect amount of speckling to this photoshoot, and besides for the icy winter breeze, it wasn’t too bad standing in the wintery wonderland.

( Flannel + Bracelet: PacSun, Vest: Forever 21, Skinnies: Uniqlo, Booties: Breckelle’s )

Wishlist 09: Feeling Woodsy

wishlist 09: feeling woodsy

It is officially winter and I cannot seem to get over my obsession with boots, rightfully so. Hunter Boots I have noticed have become a popular trend this year and I am dying to get my hands on a pair! Sadly, they do cost a pretty penny, so my hopes for getting a few pairs in a variety of assorted colors may have to be put on the back burner. So, in sticking with this rather woodsy-inspired wishlist, I picked out a few other items that I thought would keep me nice and warm during the next few months of snow and cold.

On a side note, things may be a little quiet around here for the next week or so with the approaching holiday season as I will be relaxing and visiting with family and friends. I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed holiday and a spectacular new year and I will see you in 2014! Best wishes!

flannel / hat / socks / boots

What I Wore: Wintery Black + White

black + white outfit black + white outfit black + white outfit black + white outfit black + white outfit

I decided to grin and bear the five-degree temperatures earlier this week in this whimsical tulle skirt and fun leather jacket. My hands and feet were freezing beyond all means but luckily the shoot was a quick one. Although the frigged temperatures have just begun, I am looking forward to snow angels, sledding, and possibly taking up skiing. Whether you experience exceptionally chilly or rather warm winters, what activities are you looking forward to this season?

( Leather Jacket: Walmart, Tank: Forever 21, Tulle Skirt: eBay, Heels: Payless )

Wishlist 08: Cozy Up

wishlist 08: cozy up

We received our first snowfall this past weekend, luckily it was just a light dusting so my Christmas shopping plans continued on as planned. (I am a very nervous driver when it comes to snow, so any amount of slipping and sliding on the road turns makes me cringe.) So keeping in tune with the winter spirit, I have compiled a few things that have made it onto my Christmas list this year. Although this wonderful olive green jacket doesn’t exactly say warm, it is nice for the dropping temperatures. I am in the market for some “legit” winter boots and came across these and fell in love – quite possibly because they are from Anthropologie and burgundy has been a favorite color of mine this season! The last two items that made it on to my list were no-brainers because how sweet would life be curled up in this fur throw with a cup of hot cocoa?! There are so many things that make this time of the year so dreamy and cozy.

jacket / fur throw / owl mug / mountaineer boots