Mixtape 15: Waiting Game

mixtape 15: waiting game

Patience is something that I have been trying to work on with all aspects of my life whether it be with my business, daily tasks, or life in general. Being such a planner and list maker makes the mystery of the unknown and having patience that much more difficult. My husband and I may be up + packing soon either for my husband’s job or school, and neither of us know where we may be a few months from now. Slowly I have been trying to shake off my anxiousness and ride the waves as they come. Here are some of the tunes I have been listening to as of late, with one of the songs entitled “Waiting Game”, how appropriate.

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01. “Hall of Fame” – The Script,
02. “1901” – Birdy
03. “Ghost In My House” – Lucy Schwartz
04. “Waiting Game” – Banks
05. “Curbstomp” – Meg Myers
06. “The North” – Stars
07. “Wings” – Haerts
08. “White Winter Hymnal” – Fleet Foxes
09. “Sahara Pt. II” – Bear’s Den
10. “Freedom” – Emma Louise
11. “Perfect World” – Broken Bells
12. “Big Girls Cry” – Sia
13. “Happy With Me” – HOLYCHILD
14. “13 Lords” – Graham Candy
15. “Hey Now” – London Grammar
16. “Portions For Foxes” – Rilo Kiley
17. “Invest” – Big Scary
18. “No Lion” – Boom Forest, Phox

Flower Crowns & Mimosas

Flower Crown workshop / August Haven Flower Crown workshop / August Haven Flower Crown workshop / August Haven Flower Crown workshop / August Haven Flower Crown workshop / August Haven Flower Crown workshop / August Haven Flower Crown workshop / August Haven Flower Crown workshop / August Haven Flower Crown workshop / August Haven Flower Crown workshop / August Haven Flower Crown workshop / August Haven Flower Crown workshop / August Haven Flower Crown workshop / August Haven Flower Crown workshop / August Haven Flower Crown workshop / August Haven Flower Crown workshop / August Haven Flower Crown workshop / August Haven Flower Crown workshop / August Haven Flower Crown workshop / August Haven

About two weekends ago, I was invited to attend a lovely flower crown workshop hosted by one of my friends + fellow blogger, Kirsty Gungor of Lovelies in My Life. The morning was absolutely perfect in every way – tables and tables of flowers, mimosas, cheese and fruits, and many beautiful ladies. The workshop took place at the entrance of August Haven, a local furniture shop that is that carries the most wonderful mix of urban contemporary and vintage pieces – really, I could spend hours upon hours there. Sunny of Ebb and Flow Flowers supplied all of the gorgeous blooms for the event and led us in a tutorial of how to create our own flower crowns. The possibilities were nearly endless and it was great to see all of the different combinations of pinks, purples, creams, whites, greens, and yellow buttons; I opted for a more neutral color palette with pops of greenery. I am happy that this summer I have been able to take part in the “flower crown movement” that has become so widely popular. Thank you, for having me, Kirsty! Your event was a sweet success and I am looking forward to your next workshop come fall.

Mixtape 14: Summer Sounds

mixtape 14: summer sounds

Today’s light + fun mixtape has a few songs from one of the soundtracks I’ve been listening to as of late. Some of you may have been early to jump on the bandwagon with The Fault in Our Stars, I was a bit late but was able to get a hold of the book quite quickly and finished it a week or so before the movie came out. Since then there have been quite a few songs on the soundtrack that have made their way onto my personal playlists this summer, so in today’s mix I am sharing a few of those with you. If you are interested in hearing more of what I’ve been loving, here you can see + listen to all of my past mixtapes. Enjoy!

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01. “Slow Motion” – PHOX
02. “Stubborn Love” – The Lumineers
03. “You Will Remain” – All Sons & Daughters
04. “Take a Walk” – Passion Pit
05. “Bury the Floors” – Scattered Trees
06. “Lost in My Mind” – The Head And The Heart
07. “Girls” – The 1975
08. “Light It Up” – OneRepublic
09. “Let Me In” – GroupLove
10. “Come and Find Me” – Josh Ritter
11. “Hemiplegia” – Haerts
12. “Hurricane” – MS MR
13. “Big Black Car” – Gregory Alan Isakov
14. “After the Fall” – Kodaline
15. “Simple As This” – Jake Bugg
16. “I Would Do Anything for You” – Foster the People
17. “Hold Me” – Royal Teeth
18. “Intro” – The New Division

( photo by berta pfirsich )

Mixtape 13: Mystic Mood

mixtape 13: mystic mood

The mixtape that I have created for you today has some mystic + moody undertones that goes with the off and on gloomy days we have been having around here. Today’s mix is has some of my usual favorite artists and won’t push you off the melodramatic deep end. You can see all of my mixtapes thus far here and feel free to pick one or two to have a listen. Enjoy!

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01. “Youth” – Foxes
02. “Ribs” – Lorde
03. “Halcyon” – Ellie Goulding
04. “Texas” – Magic Man
05. “Two Small Deaths” – Wye Oak
06. “Glass/Film” – S. Carey
07. “The End” – Peasant
08. “Smother” – Daughter
09. “Beginnings” – Houses
10. “All I Want” – Kodaline
11. “Not About Angels” – Birdy
12. “A Long Way to Fall” – Ulrich Schnauss
13. “Ivy” – High Highs
14. “The Wolves and the Ravens” – Rogue Valley
15. “Eyes On Fire” – Blue Foundation
16. “Animals” – Gem Club

( photo by samantha lamb )

Mixtape 12: The Road Home

mixtape 12: the road home

Today’s mixtape is a bit more uppity and hip than usual, a mix of some old + new. I feel as though the title I decided on fit perfectly as I would be want to listen to the types of tunes on my way home from work or after a long day. I’ve noticed we are on the 12th mix, so if you’d like to listen to previous mixtapes, have at it and enjoy! Today’s playlist is listed below if you’d like to take a peek. Happy Friday!

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01. “Sky Fits Heaven” – Madonna
02. “Starlight” – Muse
03. “We Own The Sky” – M83
04. “Naked As We Came” – Iron & Wine
05. “West Coast” – Lana Del Rey
06. “Young Lion” – Vampire Weekend
07. “Radioactive” – Imagine Dragons
08. “Wake Me Up” – Avicii
09. “One More Night” – Maroon 5
10. “Two Small Deaths” – Wye Oak
11. “Dreams” – The Cranberries
12. “My Darling” – Lucy Schwartz
13. “All Our Love” – Gentlemen Hall
14. “Hall of Fame” – The Script,
15. “Viva La Vida” – Coldplay
16. “Everlasting Friend” – Blue October

( photo by bethany marie )

Mixtape 11: Mindful Bliss

mixtape 11: mindful bliss

Sometimes you have to be in charge of your own bliss and follow where it leads. Today’s mixtape is a combination of soft and a few energetic beats to allow your mind clear and do a little bit of wandering. This week, be open to the new opportunities that lie before you and be willing to explore new ideas, thoughts, and endeavors that present themselves to you. Listen + enjoy below:

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01. “All I Want” – Kodaline
02. “The Longer I Run” – Peter Bradley Adams
03. “Alibi” – Thirty Seconds To Mars
04. “American Dream” – On An On
05. “Blackbird Song” – Lee DeWyze
06. “The Pull” – Now, Now
07. “Science Will Save Us” – Exxasens
08. “Venice” – The Lighthouse And The Whaler
09. “Warm Shadow” – Fink
10. “Say Anything” – Tristian Prettyman
11. “1957” – Milo Greene
12. “Waves That Rolled You Under” – Young Summer
13. “Full Circle” – Half Moon Run
14. “Love Letters” – Paper Route
15. “Ghost Inside” – She the Monster
16. “Operating” – Hunter Hunted

( photo by caroline petters )

Mixtape 10: She’s a Wanderer

mixtape 10: she's a wanderer

This past weekend included some long drives and wandering amongst small towns and inspired me to create a mixtape. Sometimes the best weekends are the ones where you have absolutely no plans and you just go wherever the wind may blow – right? So sit back, relax, and enjoy this soft, yet cheery mix.

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01. “Pray” – Kodaline
02. “Lose My Mind” – Pacific Air
03. “To Be With You” – The Honey Trees
04. “Somebody That I Used To Know” – Walk Off the Earth
05. “Ends of the Earth” – Lord Huron
06. “Entry” – Lowlakes
07. “Mountain Song” – Trent Dabbs
08. “Song for Zula” – Phosphorescent
09. “Me & God” – Trent Dabbs
10. “Young” – Air Review
11. “Ships In The Rain” – Lanterns on the Lake
12. “Found You Out” – Sir Sly
13. “Equestrian” – U.S. Royalty

( photo by hailey heaton )

Small Business: Branching Out with Instagram

small business: branching out with instagram

For a little over two years now I have been an Instagram user, although I was never very active with my postings. I have always been on the fence on whether or not to take my private profile and switch it to public. It wasn’t until recently that I began to dig deeper into the in’s and out’s of Instagram that I discovered it’s underlying abilities. Sure, it’s a unique and creative way to post pictures from your daily life, but it’s so much more than that!

Have fun with your Instagram and don’t be afraid to share what you have going on! This could be behind the scenes snippets, project progress, inspiration, and/or insights to your daily life. This app is the perfect way to show a little more personal side to you and your business. Try not to be heavy with only posting products and work, keep things balanced.

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Mixtape 09: Sleepless Night

mixtape 09: sleepless night

Inspired by the fast paced music that keeps me up and moving, today’s mixtape has me feeling somewhat nostalgic and reminiscent of my days back in college. It’s interesting to see how much my tastes have changed over the past few years but I still get a hankering every now and then for Shiny Toy Guns. If you haven’t heard of them they are a Los Angeles-based electronica rock band with a killer sound. Feel free to give them a listen below as I have included three of their songs in today’s mix. Enjoy!

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01. “Explosions” – Ellie Goulding
02. “Rocketship” – Shiny Toy Guns
03. “Shooting Stars” – Bag Raiders
04. “Tell Me What to Swallow” – Crystal Castles
05. “Don’t Cry Out” – Shiny Toy Guns
06. “Realize the Ghost” – Silver Swans
07. “The Funeral” – Band of Horses
08. “You Are The One” – Shiny Toy Guns
09. “Hold On” – Blackbird Blackbird
10. “Stars Align” – Lindsey Stirling
11. “Young And Beautiful” – Lana Del Rey
12. “Demons” – Imagine Dragons

( photo by caroline petters )

Mixtape 08: Endless Winter

mixtape 12: endless winter

Yesterday we officially hit the “one month until spring” mark and I am happy to say it has been on the warmer side this week in our little winter wonderland here in the midwest. But, despite the thirty-degree temperatures, the mounds of snow we have building up do not seem to be melting fast enough. I looked into our forecast next week and temperatures will be sadly back to to normal. Winter, why do you have the tendency to drag on and on? So, today’s mixtape is inspired by the soft music that tends to draw me in over the winter season, although I do have a few more “upbeat” songs in the list to help give it a balance. Listen + enjoy via the link below.

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01. “Hey Brother” – Avicii
02. “King And Lionheart” – Of Monsters And Men
03. “Lands” – Gem Club
04. “Modern, Normal” – Memoryhouse
05. “Searching” – Priority
06. “Trial and Error” – Snowmine
07. “In Steps” – Letting Up Despite Great Faults
08. “Dark Matter” – Andrew Belle
09. “Into The Wild” – Lewis Watson
10. “The First Song” – Band of Horses
11. “Sink the Sun” – Monarch
12. “Red Arrow (John)” – Gem Club
13. “Stubborn Love” – The Lumineers
14. “Microlite” – Trophy Wife
15. “Secrets” – Silver Swans
16. “First Train Home” – Imogen Heap

( photo by mister missus )