At Home with Christie Tyler / room tour

Talk about your style My style is a serious mix of things; but vintage, indie, and bohemian are the main looks I strive for. I’m in love with rough woods, neutral, earth-tones, and tons of books with candles on top. I get heart eyes at the look of brick walls and old, winding staircases, along with balconies…but that dream will have to wait until I’m older and hopefully living in the city!

Do you have a favorite part of your room + why? I absolutely love my desk space; it has all my books and (sacred) laptop and disposable pictures. I also placed my record player right next to it so I can listen to some records while doing my work. With that said, though it’s a work space, I tried to make it as calming as possible. The window in front of my desk helps tons, too.

At Home with Christie Tyler At Home with Christie Tyler At Home with Christie Tyler

Where does your inspiration come from? A lot of my inspiration comes from photographs. I’m a huge Tumblr addict. Free People is one of my major inspirations as well; I love their interiors they showcase on their blog. I pull a lot from different things though; people, places, magazines. There are bountiful ways to get inspiration!

Tell us about some of your biggest achievements and challenges. One challenge was painting my walls from turquoise to pure white…lots and lots of primer, lemme tell you! The end result was so worth it though. My mom and I were unsure…it could go from cute, luxurious space to a hospital room real quick, but we were so pleased with how it came out. My achievement is actually the room itself, and how I was able to turn it into something I love coming home to. It took a lot of time, but time is what will make it wonderful in the end.

At Home with Christie Tyler At Home with Christie Tyler At Home with Christie Tyler

Name 3 pieces that define you + your space. My hanger of hats is definitely something that defines me, as well as my clothing rack! Since I am mainly into fashion, I would say those items truly define me as a person. I also love my record player…I think it stands for those times when you feel nostalgic and yearn for the past…something I do a lot since I’m convinced I was supposed to be born in another era. Also, I think all the photographs (my own and the one’s in the frames) define me since photography is another passion of mine.

Biggest splurge and biggest steal: Splurge would have to be my bed frame; it’s a big piece and made of black leather cloth, so I would say that had to be an investment! A steal would have to be my beloved cow skull…I was looking for one for ages, and then that beauty popped up at Home Goods for around $20.

What are some of your go-to places when it comes to shopping for your room? Antique/vintage shops are amazing, especially when you want a special piece/nicknack to add to your space. But even IKEA, Home Goods, and Tjmaxx are lovely places to get candles and tiny things to spice it up.

At Home with Christie Tyler At Home with Christie Tyler At Home with Christie Tyler

Do you have any DIY tips to share? It’s really easy to make your space something you want; you can go rummaging through your basement and start bringing up things you would have never thought about until you realize it has a character that really speaks to you. If you want pictures in your room, go to Home Foods and pick out a few frames and then print some of your favorite pictures out! You don’t have to go through the hassle of getting pictures developed and making sure they are a correct size. There’s just those little ways of thinking outside the box…don’t be afraid to try something. Worst thing that could come from it is that you tried…and usually that part is enough.

Any advice? Just have fun with it! Decorating your room shouldn’t be stressful; it should be an outlet for your creativity and yourself as an individual.